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From the snowy peaks of the Himalayas in the far North to the glittering backwaters of Kerala down South, travelling India puts on a show! This jarring yet compelling country could be considered my speciality, as having spent almost 2 years travelling in Incredible India I have gathered a lot of knowledge to share. With 28 different states to explore, even after all this time I don't feel like I have scratched the surface of what India has to offer. These days India has enough infrastructure for tourism so that backpacking is safe and some paths are very well-trodden, but things are rarely straightforward. So say Goodbye to personal space, and Hello to chaos and colour!

Image by Monthaye

Within India

There are 28 states in India and I have divided them into a 'northern half' and a 'southern half' to help you plan your travels.

India Travel Tips

North India

South India

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