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The Best Places to Eat in Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh

I Love Food

Wherever I travel, I make it a priority to find the best places to eat and try as many local dishes as possible. It's lists like this one that have guided me to great eateries on past trips, so I have decided to start compiling my own lists of cafes and restaurants that I have enjoyed, to pass on the favour, and savour the memories!


About Dharamkot

Dharamkot is a cute little hippie village just north of Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. There are no roads, with just one pathway connecting Lower and Upper Dharamkot, dotted with shops and restaurants. The village is certainly very touristy, and falls directly on the 'hummus trail'.

This is a route through India that young Israelis travel after they have finished their military service. When we were there in September 2022 we were the only non-Israeli people in the entire place, so you can expect menu items of hummus and falafel in almost all establishments.

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About the food scene in Dharamkot

Because everything is geared towards foreigners, it's difficult to find street food, dhabas, and cheap eats. I did however find some lovely places to enjoy food and spend time between hikes, and here are my favourites...

I Dream of Mangoes in black fleece smiling with a restaurant menu
Always happy when anticipating food!

The best places to eat in Dharamkot

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Moonlight Café


The Moonlight Cafe was without a doubt one of the best places to eat in Dharamkot , and actually my favourite spot. The service was exceptional, the two lads running the place were so welcoming and attentive.

Good service in restaurants isn't that common in India, so I was delighted with how things were run here. This is the type of place you can go for a bite and spend the rest of the night playing cards and listening to their wicked playlist.

I loved the Tibetan dishes like Momo's and Thupka, and if you fancy a break from local cuisine, their Chicken Schnitzel is excellent.

A heart shaped chicken schnitzel with chips and salad
The chicken schnitzel from moonlight Cafe



This restaurant is a little out of the way, in lower Dharamkot tucked down a small path off of the main walkway. It has great views of the mountains and really nice arty decor. I loved the South Indian dishes, their Masala dosa in particular!

Lama Bakery


What a gem!

Lama Bakery doesn't look like much from the outside, you could easily walk straight past it, but don't do that, because it truly deserves its spot as one of the best places to eat in Dharamkot! (The queues out front said it all!) The grilled cheese and olive baguette was delicious, as well as their apple pie. (Apples grow locally here!)

This may be the closest you'll get to street food in Dharamkot, and definitely, a place you can visit multiple times.

The humble Lama Bakery in Dharamkot
The humble Lama Bakery in Dharamkot

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Open Heart Cafe


I have made several trips to India over the last decade, and this year is the first time that 'coffee-machine' style coffees have been readily available. That being said, they're not always great, but I was really impressed with my cappuccino at Open Heart Cafe.

This place is always bustling, with benches facing outwards, so it's the perfect spot to work on your laptop, with gorgeous views of the village and mountains.

The Birdhouse Cakery


Okay so I won't lie, I never made it to the Birdhouse Cakery. They are closed between 2pm and 4pm each day and also on Wednesdays, and I always seemed to be walking past at the wrong time. However it always smelt amazing, and word on the street is that they serve the best baked goods in the village, which makes it one of the best places to eat in Dharamkot.


This picture was taken the day we escaped from Vipassana - treating ourselves to a pretty decent 'Pasta Alfredo' and a few beers. Some places serve beers off-menu, meaning they do not have an alcohol license, so your bill may say something like 'Good Times'!


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Jun 18

You should also cover Malka Cafe. It is the best Israeli restaurant in Dharamkot now. Earlier it was known as Om Cafe, now it's owned by an Israeli for the last couple of years and best vegan food in Dharamkot. Reachout to +91-9538412311 if you want to cover Malka Cafe. Thanks

Replying to

Thanks so much for letting me know about this new cafe in Dharamkot, I'll be sure to come and check it out on my next trip to North India.

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