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Things I loved in Seville: 5 Unique things to do and see in the pearl of Andalucía

Updated: Mar 28

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About Seville

Seville is a beautiful city in Andalucía in the South of Spain. Famous for its architectural wonders, flamenco dancing and delicious tapas, the cobbled streets are adorned with endless orange trees and alfresco restaurants. Seville is the largest city in Southern Spain, and also the hottest, with summer temperatures reaching a soaring 50°C!


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When to go to Seville

I visited in early September, where the afternoons still rocketed to quite an uncomfortable 46°C, so I was forced indoors for siesta between 3pm and 7pm each day. This was actually kind of perfect, as there was time to rest before heading out to enjoy those late late Spanish nights.


5 unique things to do in Seville that I loved

Sevilla is just gorgeous, I think spending 3 days here for a short break, or as part of a wider trip, is a perfect amount of time to explore the city. There's a lot to see and do, I've made an effort to avoid the standard attractions on the 'Top 10' Lists, as they're all over the internet and at your disposal. My '5 things I loved in Seville' comes from a person who travels on a budget, avoids the crowds, and takes things slowly. So here we go...

The pretty flowers of Sevilla
The pretty flowers of Sevilla

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5 Unique things to do in Seville

1. SUP at Sunset


This was my absolute favourite unique thing to do in Seville! I was so well organised, and the perfect way to see the sights of the city.

Did I mention it was hot there? Make sure you choose the sunset tour from 7:30pm, you'll see the city move from light to dark whilst you're on the water. Don't forget mozzie spray!

I went with Paddle Surf Sevilla, the guides were super charismatic and very reassuring for beginners. They also took great photos. A 90-minute session was €30 and worth every penny. You can book online a few days ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

I Dream of Mangoes in Seville

2. Catch a Flamenco Performance

There are lots of options for Flamenco in Sevilla, I chose the rustic La Carboneria, hidden in a labyrinth of cobbled streets close to the Cathedral. Performances start at 10pm and continue every half an hour until closing (online it says 1am, however, it was more like midnight.)

I would suggest getting there early if you want to sit, drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is lively, filling up with both tourists and locals as the nights go on.

You may also be lucky enough to catch an impromptu performance in the Triana district of Sevilla, the gipsy neighbourhood and the birthplace of this famous Spanish performance.

3. Graze on Tapas at a Food Market

There are several to choose from, but my favourite was Mercado de Triana, built over the remains of Castillo de San Jorge. With plenty of stands selling Jamon, beers, and most memorable of all: Churros with melted chocolate. These were the best I had in Spain and a banging breakfast dessert (if you're into that, I am!) You can use the opportunity to wander around the colourful Triana neighbourhood. For more information on the other food markets in Seville click here.

Jamon Iberico in Sevilla
Jamon, Jamon, and more Jamon

4. Stroll through the Barrio of Santa Cruz

This neighbourhood in the city centre was so pretty, you could easily spend a day getting lost in the maze of little side streets and leafy courtyards with whitewashed houses. It's also home to the two main attractions of Sevilla; the Cathedral and the Real Alcázar. There are plenty of air-conditioned bars and shops to pop into for a cold Alhambra beer and some respite from the heat.

A horse and cart in Sevilla

5. Bar hop around the Alameda de Hércules

This is a vibrant and hip area a little north of the city centre, a pedestrianised square filled with creatives and students, and dotted with LGBTQIA+ bars. It is a hugely popular hangout, the atmosphere is welcoming and exciting, and the beers are cheap, sometimes as low as € 1.

Remember this is Spain, so do not to head out too early, things don't start livening up here until 10pm - beginning to wind down towards 3am. I spent several warm nights mooching from bar to bar, always grabbing a late-night Gelato at Freskura!

I chose to stay in an Air BnB in this area too, to be close to the nightlife. I found a great little place; 'Pretty duplex in Bohemia District'. Our hosts were fabulous and helped us find long-term parking (which can be an issue). It was well worth the £60 a night price tag.


So there you have it, my favourite 5 unique things to do in Seville. Why not incorporate this into a wider trip of Southern Spain? The medieval city of Cordoba is just an hour's drive north-east. Or you could venture into the South towards Cadiz and Sherry country!

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As always I really implore you to learn a little Spanish before you go. A lot of local people do speak English, but they really appreciate the efforts you make to learn their language, which goes a long way. I swear by Duolingo, it's fantastic, and free!

Please ask any questions in the comments section, and I will always respond!

Happy Travels




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