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The Best Places to Eat in Kuta, Lombok

Updated: Jun 9

Food is always a huge part of travel for me, but let's be honest, Indonesia doesn't have the most exciting cuisine, and it can be difficult to find healthy options.

Joe and I ate street food all through our travels in India and didn't get sick once, but on my first day in Bali after tucking into a local-style buffet I got severe food poisoning.

Joe ended up following me around our guesthouse washing away my numerous piles of vomit with a bottle of water. It was pretty nasty, and it's the reason why you won't see any street food options on this list of the best places to eat in Kuta, Lombok.

Kuta is an up-and-coming surf town in the South of Lombok which has plenty of eateries, some are super stylish whilst others have more of a humble atmosphere.


The Best Places to Eat in Kuta, Lombok

1. The Mexican in Town

The Mexican in Town is in my opinion, the best place to eat in Kuta, Lombok. It is a very authentic Mexican restaurant, this one is the real deal, with none of that Texmex shite.

It's in a beautiful setting and well priced, and the Beef Birria tacos are the bomb. Make sure you try the Michelada too!



KRNK is owned by the same people as Kenza, but what Kenza gets so wrong, KRNK gets so right. Substance over style. The burgers are the best I've had in South-East Asia, which is why KRNK is well deserving of the number 2 spot for the best places to eat in Kuta, Lombok.

Be sure to try the 'Gangster Nemo'; finally, a fish burger where the fish is not battered, just a big, meaty barramundi steak perfectly grilled. But is it said Krunk or Krink?!


3. Mia Mia's

Mia Mia's is a cute little restaurant serving Indonesian and Western dishes, I always went there for budget meals of Gado Gado or Mie Goreng. This place is super popular but service is still fast.


4. Ashtari

For something a little different, you can drive up the hill to Ashtari, a resort perched on the cliff side with amazing views over Kuta Beach. They specialise in slow-cooked Indian food, with lots of options for vegetarians.

The Beef Rendang was rich and creamy, accompanied perfectly by fresh garlic butter naans cooked on the Tandoor.


5. The Hut

For those with bigger appetites looking for a big feed after surfing, go no further than The Hut. Huge portions of pretty decent pasta, or ginormous stuffed pittas, everything is really tasty here and doesn't break the bank.


There are some other eateries in Kuta where we spent a lot of time, but the food was a little disappointing. You can still enjoy the space with great coffee, kombucha, or craft beer!

Best places for chilling and not eating:

Bush Radio - Best for desk work

Kenza - Best for wine

Mana Retreat - Best for atmosphere and smoothie bowls

Siwa - Best for views and use of their infinity pool


Most places in Lombok have a very good Wifi connection, decent coffee, and great service, so there are no extra considerations there.

A green smoothie bowl
A smoothie bowl from Mana retreat


Thank you for reading my short post on the best places to eat in Kuta, Lombok. If you enjoyed the read please consider subscribing to my blog where I post articles every week about my current travels around the world.

If you have any questions about Lombok, please hit my comments. Otherwise, read my complete guide to visiting Lombok for more inside info!

Happy Travels



2 comentarios

I Gede Ngurah
I Gede Ngurah
24 oct 2023

Beautiful blog, thank you for sharing.

too bad you didn’t visit

el bazar Kuta Lombok

and Cantina Mexican Lombok where authentic tacos are served in corn tortilla rather then just flour tortilla.

also Knalpot is amazing

Me gusta
25 oct 2023
Contestando a

Thank you for the great tip! I will be sure to check them out next time I am in Lombok 😊

Me gusta
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